Random Feelings

Assalamualaikum and hey

2 night before exam. After washing my face. Exactly 2315

I'm not sure wether its because people use to say about it or it is true cause I've actually experience it. Or maybe both. The thing is, you'll experience your homesick more frequent during study leave (I'm in Alexandria,Egypt,btw)

Called my mom on the night before exam Module 9 (we study according to modules.it's medic) planned to have a brief talk but ended up for 1 and a half hours T.T cant get enough of umi, cant get enough of their smile, and i'm not satisfied cause I cant meet my dearest adiks. Ngeh. They teased me a lot. A LOT. But they tease with care. Apologive when the realize they've realized they've crossed the line.

Umi told about everyone. Nak nangisssss sgt sebab kenapa adik semua cepat sgt besar :'( now I know what parents meant by we're growing so fast or time flies or look at them now or you used to be sleeping on your father you know. Ngeh, I wish i still could. Haha.

So sbb tak puas hati, wa ingat nak post kat twitter tapi I is malu la :3 people dont usually read my blog. Hehe. This is what I felt (picture)

Please pray for me and my friends for our upcoming examS.
14.02.15 - 15.02.15 - 19.02.15

Babbling ends here. Goodnight

P/s: I know my grammar sucks so ignore them please


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