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2nd Year of my Medical Studies


woww. dan alhamdulillah. dan naik second yearr. wuwuwuw, dh tua dah rupanya, cuma badan je still kecik comel loteh. eh silap, ketinggian.

On my way from Borg El Arab Airport, an ustaz(same meaning as Mr here), well, ustaz yg tolong settle hal transport la, he asked,

"Kenapa pilih untuk belajar di Mesir ddan bukan Malaysia?"

well, I should have be used to that question you know. I've always been asked whenever I said that I was going to Egypt to proceed with Medical Studies. And I have always been answering that question confidently, answering without hesitating, answering the answer that I've always prepared  before hand.

But at THAT specific time, I HASITATE! I'm speechless. I just smiled. so he asked again.

"Why? Why did you choose Egypt? "

I gave him the usual answer that Itold everyone else but I'm very sure that I doubted my own answer. As the Tramco (some sort of van and my transport to my home) rushes trough the wind, into the…